Equine behaviourist and therapist based in Co.Kerry Ireland | LIMA science based horsemanship


Phillippa Christie¬† – Greek origin meaning “lover of horses”

Equine Therapist, Trainer & Bitless Advocate

Combining science based management & training with years of horsemanship experience.


A Brief History

Phillippa began horse riding independently at just 3 years of age on a small holding in West Yorkshire. Riding many horses over the years and forming incredible bonds with her lifetime ponies Roulette and Cassie, she went on to win many red ribbons and trophies in showing, show jumping and games. Her favourite past time being hacking, bareback and bitless riding, she was fortunate to have family friends who were bitless and barefoot many years before it came in to mainstream riding.

Meeting one of the most famous natural trainers at a clinic in Lancashire took Phillippa on a journey to look beyond her previous teachings and explore new methods in horsemanship and training. It was through mistakes, breakthroughs and problem solving that led her to challenge her own views and constantly seek the truth and teachings of the horse.

Equine Behavioural Therapist

Phillippa has completed an Equine Psychology Diploma at Grade: Distinction, holds Silver membership to the International Alliance of Hollistic Therapists and is currently studying a further Care & Management Course.

Continued Professional Development

Phillippa has trained with internationally renowned horsemen & women and continues her education in the field of scientific research in equine behaviour. Frequently attending conferences and developing her training, she is not afraid to bring fresh ideas and challenge the everyday training processes. Continued professional development allows Phillippa to bring you the latest in humane and science based training as well as combining with natural horsemanship with behavioural analysis.

By establishing the partnership through science-based communication we relax both the horse and rider. My approach includes the whole life of the horse РCare, Training and Well-Being. Together this can achieve a better understanding and connection with your equine partner.

About February 14, 2018