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Why Bitless?

Bitless transitioning is riding with lightness, softness and learning new methods of developing cues.

Bitless can also offer a refined level of contact and much more control than you see at first glance.

Bitless isn’t just for western riders. Dressage, Jumping, TREC – & more – can all benefit from bitless training.

Even if you decide to continue competing in a bit, the lightness of contact can be a real assett to developing your existing training.

Types of Bitless Bridles

We offer you to try out different bridles at an assessment. See how your horse responds to different types of pressure and learn foundation groundwork and relaxation techniques which will be helpful in all aspects of your trainng.

We also supply a range of high quality bitless bridles, personally tried and fitting service offered via Equine Partnership and Bitless Horseriding Ireland.

Our current wardrobe includes…

Cross-under / Dr Cook



Sidepull / Sidecue


Rope Halter




Don’t see which bitless bridle you want?

With so many bridles on the market, we do not stock every type, but we will order in on request at time of booking.

Assessment & Trial

Assessments usually last about 2hrs, they can be private or shared. I travel frequently around Southern Ireland

I listen to you and your horse to find out what will work best for you and I can offer techniques to support the areas to work on. Usually gentle groundwork is a good way to assess the pressure your horse will respond to.

We will try bridles, sometimes horses respond straight away, others may need a little longer to adjust and relax. You have the opportunity to try techniques yourself under guidance. Most horses can be ridden at the first assessment, this depends on how your groundwork assessment.

Trial your chosen bridle for up to 4 weeks, you can trial additional bridles too for a small charge.

Follow up sessions are advised to support your transition. Custom bridles can be ordered through EP too.


PLEASE NOTE: Horses need to have a solid groundwork and ridden training foundation with knowledge how to deal with stopping situations. We do not recommend you transition to bitless without some form of guidance from an experienced practitioner to show you these methods. You should also check your insurance if you plan to hack or compete bitless.