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Horse Listening

What is Horse Listening?

Horse Listening is the art of learning from the horse how to teach the horse at liberty. It is based on my personal journey with horses integrated with a collection of techniques from leading horse trainers and theoriest around the world that resonate with my own work.

Many have heard of Horse Whispering, but the term I use is Horse Listening. This is because the relationship dynamic with horses in the traditional sense of training is us telling or teaching them what do to. I like to think when I’m working with a horse it’s a two way conversation.

Every horse, as people, learns in a different way. Different personalities – some dominant, others passive, some shy and nervous. So before we start putting all of our demands on the horse, I’d like to take a moment to teach you how to listen to your horse and develop the partnership at the very beginning of your journey together.

I strongly believe Horse Listening changes our whole approach as horsemen and women. We learn to refine our technique, develop a stronger bond and most importantly we can learn from the horse what works for them and tailer their training so they advance in a much more relaxed and confident manner.


What Can we Learn?




How Does This Fit with Training?

Everything about your horse’s world becomes better when you start to see it from their point of view. Understanding the horse on a deeper level opens up a new awareness to not only see the world as them, but helps you to predict a little bit better and plan. This is an extremely valuble as a skill; from hacking to performance.

Learn to read your horse in the field, the stable and from the saddle.


Learning Opportunities

The Concept of Horse Listening & the Art of Horse Whispering are available as a 2-4 day course. This course can be offered privately at your own yard or in a group clinic. Please contact to discuss as the format can be shaped to meet your situation.


Phillippa came to our place and held a two day clinic. I was very impressed with her depth of knowledge and experience and enthusiasm to engage with every participant and their horses.

I personally came away with a totally new perspective on horse training! I had been completely stuck with my ex trotter, rĂșn out of options, but now I have new hope and a path forward with this mare.

Very interesting weekend, learned so many new things, and new techniques.


Horse Listening July 15, 2018