Equine behaviourist and therapist based in Co.Kerry Ireland | LIMA science based horsemanship


Holistic Horsemanship

Holistic Horsemanship is a means of developing a partnership through relaxation and positive reinforcement. My approach is NOT force or fear, but helping the horse to find enjoyment in their work with you.

Common Behavioural Problems

  • Difficult to catch
  • Difficult to load
  • Problems with bridle/headcollar and other tack
  • Napping
  • Rearing
  • Bucking
  • Bolting
  • Rushing
  • Spooking


Methods of Working

We will look at the whole picture and life of the horse to determine the trigger points, cause and effect and anxieties which provoke the behaviour(s). Using science-based training with relaxed natural horsemanship techniques, we will develop a plan to support both you and your horse.

Suggestions may include training, diet, management, involving other health professionals and a combination of all four. It is important that clients are open to receiving feedback and willing to make positive changes for the horse’s benefit.

Starting Right

Before we can begin I’ll need to assess your horse physically and mentally and listen to you and what you want to achieve. Once I have assessed the whole care, horse and rider situation I can put together a plan tailered to you and you can develop groundwork techniques and horsemanship skills to support your goals.


Horsemanship April 16, 2018