Phillippa & Teddy Lv1 Pairs TREC National Championships 2018 (Ridden Bitless)

About the Clinic

Date: 26th/27th January 2019
Venue: Amusant Equestrian New Ross Co. Wexford

This 2 day clinic is based around a holistic approach & bitless riding.

I’ve worked with many partnerships transitioning to bitless riding with the most incredible feedback and instant changes that you may not believe until you see it. Through my many years of horsemanship experience, partnered with my science based learning of equine psychology, I can offer you a range of relaxed techniques to give you both the confidence to transition. With the right bridle and support, you’ll be amazed at the difference!

What’s Included?

  • Telephone consultation before the clinic to offer support before the events and find out how the clinic can best serve a purpose for individual partnerships.
  • Horsemanship: A holistic approach
  • Bitless bridle demo and explanations
  • How to fit bitless bridles – free handouts available
  • Choosing the right bridle for your horse
  • Transition and training techniques (small group session)
  • Calming cues and reading body language
  • Individual sessions – can include anything from positive reinforcement, gentle groundwork to continuing bitless training.

Horses do not need to be bitless to attend this event, it is designed for nervous , curious and transitioning/transitioned partnerships.

Bitless Brands



Bitless Success Stories

Described as ‘A nightmare to ride’ the owners were close to giving up. Feedback received after their bitless session….

We met Pippa for the first time today and the difference she has made to our horse is remarkable. We have battled with severe anxiety issues with our mare for almost 2 years and within half an hour of working with her, we had a completely different mare.” 

This partnership were having trouble connecting, we worked on bitless and positive reinforcement with gentle groundwork and transferring skills to ridden work.

I love my horse since the first day, but for some reason, never really manage to trust him 100%. I’m bitless since Sunday, and he is just a different horse. Like if he was thinking that now I have decided to trust him more by getting rid of the bit, he will trust me more and see me as his friend more than his owner. It was my third session bitless today and he was so happy, so relaxed, so much enjoying himself that at some point I just dropped my reins while riding, closed my eyes and deeply breathe following the rythme of his steps… after a few seconds he stopped and I just lied down on his neck, stroking his neck, listening to his breath. He was just immobile. Time has stopped… So thank you Phillippa Christie, never forget that today, you changed my life and my new best friend one.

Clinic Reviews

Very interesting weekend, learned so many new things, and new techniques, if you have a problem horse, if you would like to transition to bitless, or even a horse that just needs to relax more, I would HIGHLY recommend Phillippa.

“Phillippa came to our place and held a two day clinic. I was very impressed with her depth of knowledge and experience and enthusiasm to engage with every participant and their horses. I personally came away with a totally new perspective on horse training

Phillippa is so kind in her approach to both horse and rider and understands these beautiful, amazing animals completely.
We cannot recommend Equine Partnership highly enough – definitely 5 Stars 🌟

We ran a 2 day clinic in our yard and it was so much more than I expected. 
Everyone that attented took home new skills for training their own horses, and each person enjoyed it immensly with the question begin asked… when is the next clinic being held 😁 
Phillppa is talented at what she does, she has a deep level of understanding for horses which shows in everything she does.”

“What I loved most about this clinic is that it is for everyone. It doesnt matter what your chosen discipline is, everyone will take home new methods for training their horse after a clinic.

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