The most important aspect of horsemanship to us begins with the care all horses receive. This needs to be both balanced physical and mental care.

Whether on our home yard or at local facilities. All horses working with  EP should receive whereever possible receive;

  • Regular turnout (arena or grass)
  • A regular supply of quality hay or forage
  • Regular horse contact to play & groom
  • A range of training situations

Balancing a horse’s mind begins with their everyday behaviours. Horses need companions, a full belly and room to move around to help aid digestion.

Additionally, giving your horses different lesson subjects when ridden is important. Working on 1 thing in 1 place constantly will not feed their mind. Working in a variety of situations – the arena, field, beach will enable your horse to learn to generalise behaviour and learn what is expected no matter the situation. This will also keep your horses interest and you’ll see the result is a stronger learning pattern.