About Workshops

The 2019 tour is based around Bitless 101: How to select & fit bitless bridles

The workshops are designed to give you a mixture of practical and theory. With a large collection of bitless bridle types and major brands, participants can get a thorough understanding of bridles and how they work on the horse. A short morning seminar on equine anatomy, understanding the fundamentals and problem solving bridle fit working with real skull. Followed by a practical afternoon gaining skills in assessment, measure and bridle fit. Assessments completed, Phillippa will demo safety and transitioning using both positive and gentle natural horsemanship techniques. Workshops completes with a discussion and presentation.

Workshop attendees will receive a Bitless Fitting Level 1 Certification.


About Clinics

At clinics (2-3 days), participants are invited to bring their horses to follow up on the workshop, assess, measure and fit their own horses under guidance. Beginning transitioning skills, these can be furthered depending on the horse, the length of the clinic. All participants will take away a shaping plan and have a goal in mind – be it big or small, goal setting is worthwhile. A trial is included for the participants to take home the bridle to practice for 2 weeks. A follow-up consultation is included. Clinics also include a pre-consultation to get to know about you and your horse so that we can cater to each equine partnership.

Clinic attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


–PLEASE NOTE: Workshops do not require you to bring your horse, you may bring your horse if you would like an individual assessment at the end of the day. Please contact us to arrange this. —


1 Day Workshop

  • Introduction to Bitless
  • Equine Anatomy
  • Bits & Welfare
  • Contradictions & Safety
  • Types of Bitless Bridles
  • Bridle Fitting & Assessment Demo
  • Group Practical Assessment
  • Transitioning Demo
  • Discussion
  • Presentation

2 Day Clinic

  • Pre-Clinic Consultation
  • Day 1 Workshop
  • Individual Practical Assessments
  • Practical Transitioning
  • How to Write a Shaping Plan
  • Bridle Trial
  • Follow up Consultation

3/4 Day Clinic

  • Pre-Clinic Consultation
  • Day 1 Workshop
  • Day 2 Clinic
  • Furthering Transitioning
  • Competing Bitless
  • Agility / Obstacle Work
  • How to Write a Shaping Plan
  • Bridle Trial
  • Follow up Consultation



Workshops are suitable for both completely new to bitted and bitless riders. The bridle fitting portion of this course is suitable for all types of bridles, we do discuss types of bits and fit fitting.

If you ride bitless already but have questions, maybe are experiencing training difficulties or would just like to attend a bitless friendly event you will find the practical clinic days useful to work in a relaxed, friendly environment. Phillippa is a 100% bitless trainer.

Ridden and non-ridden equines are also encouraged. 

Children are welcome at both workshops and clinics. Riders must be aged over 4 (under 8 years lead rein only) and all children must be accompanied by an adult. Please see individual events for child concessions.

Equine Partnership is a PRO-Able business, people of all abilities are welcome. Please contact venues directly to enquire about accessibility.




Success & Reviews

Described as ‘A nightmare to ride’ the owners were close to giving up. Feedback received after their bitless session…. 

We met Pippa for the first time today and the difference she has made to our horse is remarkable. We have battled with severe anxiety issues with our mare for almost 2 years and within half an hour of working with her, we had a completely different mare.” 

This partnership were having trouble connecting, we worked on bitless and positive reinforcement with gentle groundwork and transferring skills to ridden work.

I love my horse since the first day, but for some reason, never really manage to trust him 100%. I’m bitless since Sunday, and he is just a different horse. Like if he was thinking that now I have decided to trust him more by getting rid of the bit, he will trust me more and see me as his friend more than his owner.

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