If you are considering riding bitless but would like more information and support to select a bridle or guidance to transitioning, you have come to the right place.

Phillippa Christie is a 100% bitless trainer, author of ‘Bitless 101: How to Select & Fit Bitless Bridles‘ , presenter of the brand new Bitless Masterclass and and international writer, reviewer and goto expert for several equestrian magazines. Phillippa has also featured on the Good Horsemanship Channel and Barefoot LIVE TV and teaches bitless workshops, clinics and retreats internationally.

Why Bitless?

  • Bitless transitioning is riding towards lightness & softness refining the methods of communication.
  • Bitless improves relaxation, aids flexibility and full body range of motion.
  • Bitless supports training in all disciplines dressage, jumping, XC, Le Trec, showing & more.
  • Bitless is more widely accepted, with showing, jumping, online sressage and Le Trec being more open to bitless in competition.
  • Bitless can be especially helpful for horses experiencing soreness of the mouth and TMJ/Poll tension.
  • Bitless works for all horses (not necessarily all riders).


Consultations to Select & Fit a Bitless Bridle

As an experienced bitless bridle fitter, registered equine therapist and equine anatomy student, Phillippa offers a comprehensive service to support you and your horse to find the best bridle for your bitless transition.

The  in-person and virtual appointments are suitable for those new to bitless, experienced bitless riders, bitless riders experiencing difficulties and non ridden equines.

Virtual Consultations

Guided Self-Assessment

You will receive a digital copy of the Bitless 101 guide (worth €9.99) which fully illustrates measuring and assessing for bridle fit, alongside an info pack which will guide you through the process. The pack contains both a measuring and assessment scoring sheet.

Send us your measurements, photos and assessment scores and Phillippa will examine these for you and schedule your consultation.


At the consultation Phillippa will ask you a few questions to get to know a little more about your horse and your requirements. She will recommend bridles bridles based on all of the information you have provided. Phillippa can talk through these options, often having the bridles to hand to show you online how they work and why they are recommended.

Trial (optional)

You have the option to trial a bridle or purchase from us (or we may recommend a brand we don’t stock – we do by what is right for you and your horse).

Our bitless bank is available only to clients who opt for a consultation. This is so we can make sure the bridles are being fitted and used with guidance.

Fitting Feedback

Once you have received your bridle(s) you can send us a photo or video of your bridle fitted and we will give you feedback on any tweaks required.


If you would like guided support to transition to bitless, we can recommend our Bitless Masterclass DVD which includes exercises and helpful tips to understanding the horse.



In-Person Consultations

Assessment & Fitting

At a bitless fitting session I will work with your horse to discover which bridles will be the most responsive and comfortable.  I will both assess and measure your horse to supply either a complete bridle or in some cases a nose piece fitted to your existing bridle (*based on your preference and available stock). The bridle will be fitted with the opportunity for you to trial during the session.

More than one bridle may be tried during the session, provided there is time.

Transitioning to Bitless

30-45 mins of riding is included in the bitless session. Guided exercises support you to establish gentle cues with your horse.

The training involves groundwork and ridden work and can be delivered with either Relaxed Horsemanship or Positive Horsemanship methods.

It is an important part of my practice to support bitless transitions in a practical way, giving confidence and experience to riders of all levels. I can also give insight in to how different bridle will work during training and offer advice on signals / cues. I understand the workings of the different bitless bridles and can help riders replace old cues with new communication and training methods.

Trials & Orders

Trial your chosen bridle for 14 days, this way of trialing saves both time and money from buying various bridles.

Your trial bridle will be left with you if fitted at your consultation (returnable deposit required).

At the end of your trial you can choose to order directly with us or where we don’t stock your bridle, we are happy to connect you with the makers.


Follow up sessions are available to support your transition.

Custom bridles can be ordered and fitted.

We’re sorry, in person consultations are not available at present due to COVID-19 lockdown in place. Please book a virtual consultation.


Would you like to learn more about bitless in your own time?

The Bitless Masterclass DVD + 101 guide has everything you need to understand bitless bridle fitting, simple exercises and how to select the right bitless bridle for your horse.

The addition of the DVD explains all of the information in the book, in a practical hands on approach with all the visual support you need to get started in Bitless riding.