How do I choose a Bitless Bridle?

Many of us have turned to bitless because we don’t feel that the bit is the best communication tool. We may agree it causes pain, is uncomfortable or we get a poor reaction from the horse. Essentially we are looking to bitless because we want our horses to be more comfortable.

This is where the BITLESS 101 assessment comes in, by using an assessment we can find out which bitless bridle will be most comfortable for the horse.It’s where I like to start and you don’t need to be a professional to do this!

Here is a photo from my BITLESS 101 UK tour last month, showing a participant engaging with the assessment process.

Why is assessment important?

Assessing the horse for a bridle is similar to assessing for a saddle and it’s just as important.

What we address

  • Anatomy
  • Pain / Discomfort
  • Pleasure spots
  • Tension
  • Flexibility
  • Training


9/10 the assessment reveals something that would affect our decision when choosing a bridle. Participants in the workshops couldn’t believe how different each of the horses reacted. It was much easier to select the right bitless bridle; understanding the anatomy and reactions given.

Working with Professionals

This assessment process is approved by a Equine Sports Therapist & BHS instructor and has been tried and tested with 2 years of research by Equine Partnership.

The full assessment process within the BITLESS 101 guide will soon be available as part of an online course which will support riders through the whole process.

Want to learn more?

The BITLESS 101 guide illustrates the assessment process and gives you helpful information in both selecting, measuring and fitting the bridle for your horse. This is THE bitless guide – not biased to anyone but your horse’s comfort.




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