From the moment we went bitless, I instantly connected with my inner child riding my horses bareback in a head collar and lead rope. My horse Teddy and I began a bitless journey to a stronger partnership, a fun partnership and a whole new level of learning about one another. Our riding improved, previous behaviours lessened, some went entirely and finally we could work together and now compete successfully in a variety of disciplines.

I began experimenting with bridles, writing blogs, competing and learning everything I could find. I found a wealth of knowledge in the horses I worked with, adding courses and training with world renown horsemen and women, taking 2 diplomas and qualifying in Equine Psychology and Management. I was hungry for knowledge. In the end I found myself becoming busy, working with clients and training small groups. I quit my job as a digital marketer and started a path to Equine Partnership and Bitless 101.

From person to person, every partnership I worked with, I found I was able to find the right bridle solution – helping people transition and not just having a set of clients, but friends who I now compete with and share our equine stories to. I saw questions asked time and time again on forums…

“Which bridle do you recommend?”

“My horse is shaking his head in this bridle, do you know why?”

“How do we transition?”

“My horse keeps learning in this bridle, what should I do next?”

I would see a plethora of answers, I don’t know how those posting would choose the answer, many a time they would post again, unresolved issues.

I saw the need to offer a solution, so I decided to put it all down in one place, available in digital and print.

Bitless 101: How to select and fit bitless bridles

An illustrated guide for everyone who is riding or training bitless. Whether you are just curious, new to bitless, having problems with training, questioning bitless and also for those who may not want to publicly ask.

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To accompany the book, I wanted to share my knowledge to explain and be available for questions, discussion and demonstrations .

The Bitless 101 Workshops are designed to give you a mixture of practical and theory. With a large collection of bitless bridle types and major brands, participants can get a thorough understanding of bridles and how they work on the horse. A short morning seminar on equine anatomy, understanding the fundamentals and problem solving bridle fit working with real skull. Followed by a practical afternoon gaining skills in assessment, measure and bridle fit. Assessments completed, Phillippa will demo safety and transitioning using both positive and gentle natural horsemanship techniques. Workshops completes with a discussion and presentation.

Workshop attendees will receive a Bitless Fitting Level 1 Certification.

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Bitless 101 Workshops FAQ

Are these workshops accessible? The workshops are tailored to all types of learners and all abilities, whether you like to sit back or join in you will gain something valuable from the workshop. If you have any accessibility or ability needs that you think we should be aware of to best accommodate you, please do get in touch with EP before booking.

Do I need to bring my horse? No, these workshops  do not require for you to bring your horse. If you would like to bring your horse, this is an available option at some, but not all venues so please check before booking.

Can I trial a bridle at the workshop? Yes is the short answer, however I do not recommend it if you have not brought your horse with you, you can of course still hire a bridle from me after you have assessed your horse. A supervised assessment or online consultation is included for all attendees on the day or online.

I can’t make a date, can you offer online? Yes I offer online consultations alongside the book. Click here for more details.

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