Teddy and I attended the 3rd leg of the Kerry TREC Spring League. Having spent the weekend filming our bitless transition guide Teddy was on form and did a great job winning the Speed Round (Open Level). Stepping up a gear from our previous level 1 we also came 2nd place in the Open Trec round (level 2/3). This earned Teddy a yellow (3rd) rossette and most importantly a bag of carrots for the overall speed league class. (We had not previously competed in the league so only had 1 score).

I was really happy with Teddy’s performance in the leg yielding obstacles such as the barrels and slalom. However despite all the recent jumping work he is still not confident jumping and had 1 refusal and a knock down during the competition. We will give him a break from jumping and go back to poles and cavaletti work to build his confidence.

Thanks to everyone at Kerry Trec for organising, designing the course (which was super!) and making it possible.

We are looking forward to our Speed Trec course at Banty with West Cork TREC next weekend.

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