Tour and Clinic dates are released at relevant times throughout the year.


9th Saturday – 10th Sunday Bitless Workshop Roscommon

11th Monday – Sessions in Co.Clare (FULL)

19th Tuesday Sessions in Co.Cork (PM Available)

21st Thursday Sessions in Limerick / Tipperary (AM Available)

26th Tuesday Sessions in  Waterford (AM/PM Available)


6th Saturday – 7th Sunday Bitless Workshop & Clinic in West Cork


5th Sunday  – 6th Bank Holiday Monday Bitless Retreat in Tipperary

26th Equifestival of Ireland – Bitless Showing Class


13th Saturday Bitless Showing Clinic South Yorkshire UK

17th Wednesday Bitless Workshop South Hampton UK (TBC)

21st Sunday Bitless HOYS (Presenting) South Yorkshire UK


Don’t see a date to suit? Please contact me if you have a specific date in mind.

Dates January 8, 2019