Are you planning on featuring horses in you up and coming media or PR strategy?

Did you know what without expertise or knowledge of the equine industry, you are running a high risk of promoting imagery that could earn you a lot of negative comments?

While the old saying goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’, linking your company image with animal cruelty and neglect is not going to look good on you, your business or the professionals involved.

Another important factor is that it is not going to be a good experience for the horse, animal welfare is a hot topic with vegetarian and vegan diets storming the market, everyone is on the look out to make sure animals are treated humanely (which is really positive!).

Consequences of Negative PR & Media

What could a bad photo cost you?

  • Immediate loss of customers 
  • Immediate damage to brand reputation 
  • Immediate loss of earning from the shoot and campaign 
  • Cost of the photo with no ROI
  • Gain an angry mob commenting negatively on other posts & social platforms
  • Time replying to comments, issuing media notices all cost time and money.
  • Reduced social following 
  • Long term brand & reputation damage

Example: Elle Italia Magazine

Elle magazine caused quite the impression with their 2019 publication (above).

This is just one post from Facebook, but the potential reach for this must have been 10,000’s.

That’s 10,000’s of people who don’t want to buy Elle magazine because of this image.

Wow! What a way to shrink your market.

Benefits of a Specialist Consultant

Phillippa has both the eye and knowledge to support photographers, videographers, cinematographers, models and other team members to support them in the shoot and help rule out any media which could prove harmful for your company. This new consultancy service is designed to help companies like yours avoid these marketing disasters.

  • Avoid bad photos and get positive publicity
  • SAVE money and GAIN your ROI
  • Improve animal welfare standards 
  • Get your work shared through the Equine Partnership network
  • Access over 10,000 users interested to see your marketing
  • A/B marketing & advice groups facilitated 
  • Get professional advice with assurance before sending your photos or videos public
  • Tailored, freelance service

Multifaceted Equine PR & Digital Media Specialist

Why Equine Partnership?

  • Professional background in digital marketing
  • Writer for equestrian magazines
  • Specialist equine psychologist & tack fitter
  • Experience in professional media environments
  • Qualified in many areas of expertise

Before entering in to the equine industry 3 years ago, Phillippa worked as a professional digital marketer and designer for 100’s of business, from small entrepreneurs to international brands grossing over £1M.

In addition to her expertise in digital marketing, she has over 3 years educational experience in stage & television performance gaining 3 x  A* distinction qualifications in performance arts. She also holds relevant qualifications in psychology, digital design, English literature and communication technology to enhance her overall knowledge and experience in the media industry.

Since entering the equestrian industry as a professional in 2017, she was quickly snapped up as a writer for several international equestrian magazines, and selects and controls all of her digital media.She is also responsible for her own campaigns, design, photography as Equine Partnership and has worked with many professionals to produce her book & feature DVD.

Phillippa’s specialist subjects include equine behaviour (diploma in equine psychology), anatomy & physiology (student) and tack fitting, meaning I have the eye for the horse and the equipment, so you don’t need to hire more than one consultant.

Phillippa is available as a freelance consultant. With the ability to travel and offer services on set, or where available, through the power of mobile digital communications such as Skype.


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