Positive Horsemanship Clinic

Saturday, 2nd May 2020 - Sunday, 3rd May 2020
9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Sound Manor
Wrenbury Heath Road
United Kingdom

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What is a Positive Horsemanship Clinic?

Positive Horsemanship is a means of developing a partnership through science based training, coupled with a plan to build confidence, trust and skills in all aspects of horsemanship.

This horse owner clinics offer both spectator and participant spaces, the numbers are kept small for 1-2-1 and group work. Professionals are also welcome to attend, a certificate of attendance is available.

This clinic is ideal for horse owners looking to improve their knowledge on science based training methods and confidence to implement positive training techniques. You do not need any experience of positive horsemanship to attend this clinic. Suitable for riders of all disciplines!

Read about what we can accomplish with Positive Horsemanship https://equinepartnership.ie/horsemanship/


Day 1

Please arrive early for a prompt start. Open for registration from 9am.


The morning is a classroom based introduction to equine psychology, body language and how this fits in to the delivery of training methods.

Break for Lunch

Note: Your booking includes light refreshments, please bring a packed lunch for the interval.


Following the presentation and discussion Phillippa will demonstrate Positive Horsemanship techniques with a few horses creating short term goals and recognising behaviour and training needs.

Group Work

We will practice delivery of Positive Horsemanship methods in the classroom.

Day 2

Creating a Training Plan

A short workshop on how to create a 100% failure proof training plan.


Working in small groups, participants will implement their training plan with their horse (a horse may be provided) under the guidance and supervision of Phillippa. This is helpful for problem solving and learning from one another.

Break for Lunch

Note: Your booking includes light refreshments, please bring a packed lunch for the interval.


Returning from the break, we will resume working in small groups. All participants will receive feedback, 1-2-1 support and have their own plan to take away and further at home.


Full 2 Day Participant £120

Full 1 Day Participant + 1 Day Spectator £75

Full Day 1 Only £60


Save 30% when you book before April 1st 2020.

Earlybird 2 Day Participant £84

Earlybird 1 Day Participant + 1 Day Spectator £52.50

Earlybird Day 1 Only £42

Earlybird Day 2 Only Spectator £10.50

PLEASE NOTE: Day 1 is participant only (no horse needed). Day 2 participants must have completed Day 1, spectators welcome.

– 10% of profits from our UK tour will go to RDA – 


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Day 1 Earlybird Ticket £42.00
Day 2 Earlybird Ticket (Participant) £42.00
Day 2 Earlybird Ticket (Spectator) £10.50

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