Groundwork Levels

Beginner Program

Cover the basic groundwork exercises. Taught with a mix of positive reinforcement and gentle natural horsemanship techniques.

  • Stable Manners
  • Spacial Awareness
  • Flexing & Stretching
  • Yielding Hindquarters
  • Stepping Over
  • Sending
  • Stopping
  • Transitions
  • Long Reining
  • Standing for Mounting

Intermediate Program

Refine groundwork techniques and learn how to transition them to ridden

  • Placing at the mounting block
  • Ridden Exercises (walk/trot)
  • Obstacles
  • Gridwork
  • Western

Advanced Program

Available to those who have successfully finished intermediate & beginner. 

  • Liberty
  • Tackless

Tailored Planning

All clients will cover every aspect of basic groundwork. We will work on the most important aspects first in order achieve your goals and cover any basics the horse needs to learn in order to progress. Together we will break down the plan and incorporate it in to your discipline(s).


Usually 2hrs, meeting you & your horse at their field/stable/yard. If you have an arena, that is highly beneficial, or we can hire local facilities if needed. If you can’t get to facilities due to trailering issues, I can offer trailering and transport.

  • You don’t need a roundpen
  • I bring my own equipment for the session
  • I am fully insured
  • Assessments are in no way medical and cannot be used for your insurance purposes
  • You receive a shaping plan after your assessment by e-mail
  • Further sessions work on your plan, with your own work in between.
  • Halters and ropes are available to purchase at the assessment.
  • Card payments or PayPal accepted.


Groundwork April 16, 2018