Hoof Boot Fitting Appointments

Why a Fit Appointment?
These appointments offer huge value for money and save you so much time.  No more costly or time consuming returns. With a Scootboot fit kit and hire boots from a growing variety of brands,  we can advise on the right type of boot for your horse and show you the different types and how they work.
Fit appointments include:
  • checking hoof health
  • advising on trim if needed (refer to professional)
  • basic beveling the toe and balancing of the heels where needed (for correct sizing)
  • photographing both length and height on all required hooves (we recommend fronts to start)
  • Trying on shells (where available)
  • Recommending best brand
  • Ordering (where not in stock) the correct brand and size
  • Showing you how to put on the boots (where in stock)
  • Sending a photo report
  • Aftercare
Yard Demo
Would you like more information or to see the products before making a decision?
A demo is a great opportunity to handle the different makes and types of boots and accessories, ask questions and learn how to measure correctly or if you would like to bring your horse, have a fitting with an experienced fitter.
Horses that normally wear metal shoes do not need to be barefoot for the demo, we can measure for selected brands for instances where a shoe is lost.
  • Free measure with boot purchase
  • Mini trims available for €20
  • Free gift for organiser
Hoofboot Fitting Services May 21, 2019