Fit Kit Appointments

Why a Fit Kit Appointment?
These appointments offer huge value for money and save you so much time.  No more costly or time consuming returns. With a Scootboot fit kit and hire boots from a growing variety of brands,  we can advise on the right type of boot for your horse and show you the different types and how they work.
Fit kit appointments include:
  • checking hoof health
  • advising on trim if needed (refer to professional)
  • basic beveling the toe and balancing of the heels where needed (for correct sizing)
  • photographing both length and height on all required hooves (we recommend fronts to start)
  • Trying on shells (where available)
  • Recommending best brand
  • Ordering (where not in stock) the correct brand and size
  • Showing you how to put on the boots (where in stock)
  • Sending a photo report
  • Aftercare
Hoofboot Fitting Services May 21, 2019