Equine Partnership trades under HoofBoots.IE to help customers find our specialist hoof boot services. We are an approved stockist for Swiss Galoppers, Cavallo and Scoot Boots.

Choose the level of service you need from FREE online hoof boot fitting and additional fit kit hire OR opt for a personal consultation with our mobile shop & fit service. (currently suspended under lock down).

You can also browse our range of hoof boots and accessories in our online shop.

FREE Online Fitting Service

Send us your hoof measurements and we will send you a free sizing report with recommendations on boots. We also offer fit kit hire for all brands we work with, highly recommended if you are just between sizes.

Guide to Taking Photo Measurements

The best time to take these photos is directly after a trim, we can usually size 1-2 weeks post-trim. If your horse is currently shod, the same time applies.

We suggest using a retractable tape measure, any brand will do but one that shows both inches and millimetres is best.

Send 3 Photos Per Hoof

First Measurement – Length

Start from the toe. Note the photo angle, the hoof is clean and bright, we need to see the entire hoof. Make sure the tape starts on the toe without any gaps.

Second Measurement – Width

Place your tape measure across the widest part of the hoof. Make sure the lip of the tape is pressed against the hoof wall without gaps and that the measure is straight.

Third Photo – Front

Please provide a photo of the hoof straight on so we can assess the shape and any flare. This will help us determine the types of boot that will fit.

Label Your Photos

To help us identify each hoof, please label photos (you can add text in your phone’s photo editor or on your PC you can rename the files).

Suggested text: RF (Right Front) LF (Left Front) RH (Right Hind) LH (Left Hind)

Send us Your Measurements


Personal Consultation

These appointments offer value for money, save you time and give you an in-person consultation with a hoof boot specialist. 

No more costly or time consuming returns with our specialist hoof boot fitting services including fit kits, we can advise on the right type of boot for your horse and show you the different types and how they work. We stock most boots and accessories and can fit support pads and colour accessories for you on the spot.

Your appointment includes:

  • Checking hoof health
  • Advice on trim if needed (we can refer to recommended trimmers)
  • Mini balance pedicure (for correct sizing)
  • Photographing both length and width on all required hooves
  • Trying on fitting kits
  • Recommending best brand
  • Ordering (where not in stock) the correct brand and size
  • Personalisation if accessories purchased
  • Showing you how to put on the boots
  • Aftercare

Personal consultations are €40, appointments usually last 30-45mins (depending on how many hooves we are fitting). Card payments and PayPal accepted.

Yard Demos & Talks

Would you like more information about barefoot hoof care or hoof boots before making a decision?

A demo is a great opportunity to handle the different makes and types of boots and accessories, ask questions and learn how to measure correctly or if you would like to bring your horse, have a fitting with an experienced fitter.
Demos can be short or can be run as a half day course if participants would like to learn more about hoof care.
Horses that normally wear metal shoes do not need to be barefoot for the demo, we can measure for selected brands for instances where a shoe is lost providing their shoes were fitting up to 2 weeks prior to the visit.

Yard demos can include:

  • FREE personal consultation for host
  • Short talk on barefoot & hoof boots
  • Group demonstration to measure and assess hooves
  • Q&A
  • Mobile shop set-up for browsing

Participants can opt to book a personal consultation discount for group members.

Minimum group of 4 required.

Hoofboot Fitting Services May 21, 2019