RULE NO.1 Diet

Assess your horses feed and remove feeds with GM, high sugar and starch. Replace with fiber and work on a healthy gut bio-me. Inflammation in the gut will also show up an inflammation in the hoof.
A good way I found to remember is that the gut grows the foot.

RULE NO.2 Management

Make sure your horse will have at minimum some sort of soft turnout and a dry area so the hooves will experience more than one terrain (if you don’t hack out).

RULE NO.3 Hoofcare

Good hoofcare is paramount to maintaining natural hooves and you may need to reduce the trim cycle to 3-4 weeks while you get accustomed to the horses natural hoof growth.
Seek out a hoof care professional with additional training and interest in the natural hoof trim.

RULE NO.4 Education

Take a course on equine anatomy to develop a better understanding of the hoof (and overall bio-mechanics) so you know what to look out for and catch issues early on.

RULE NO.5 Maintenance

Empower yourself and take a course on trimming for horse owners so you can help maintain the walls between trims to help avoid cracks. Ask your hoofcare provider for more information.
Personally I draw my knowledge from trimmers such as Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson, Linda Harris, Nick Hill and David Landreville. David has some great videos on his Patreon account and Nick offers owner workshops – google them!

RULE NO.6 Support

If your horse is sore after removing the shoes, this could be related to thin soles.
It would be kind to use Hoofboots as a short term transition while your horse’s body naturally recovers from the use of shoes.

RULE NO.7 Community

Seeking support from owners who have been on the journey have a wealth of knowledge and are usually keen to share.

Join a Facebook barefoot community for support and advice, here are a couple I can recommend

If you’re looking for a barefoot mag take a look at The Barefoot Horse Magazine which prints up to date information, interesting and supportive articles.

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