This is such an important part of training. We are asking the horse to listen to us, to work with us and to allow us to teach them.

Working at liberty is such a huge shift. I no longer allow myself to get frustrated if the horse goes away, because look at the expression of the horse that comes back to work with me.

This horse is engaging for herself, she is empowered to make a decision.

The result is that we got more done in the short space of time and in a calm frame of mind. I was very impressed to get walk and trot liberty cavaletti this afternoon and to see the horse striding out over the poles, genuine enthusiasm. She could have avoided them and she would not have been asked again.

We have so much in mind for what we wish to achieve, think about what the horse would also like to achieve in this session – which is to have a positive experience.

I would also like to add these was no licking and chewing, nor any sign of release in our session as we never built levels of tension, there was nothing to release. The roll occurred at the beginning of the session and may not have happened had she been on a rope.

Positive horsemanship, positive partnerships.

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