We have seen the #icebucketchallenge and many more – but for this challenge I would like you to put down your phone.

You don’t need a horse to complete this challenge. You can take a few moments in nature if you prefer – your garden, yard, just step outside wherever you are.

I previously wrote a Facebook post on the importance of how breath-work supports your physiology to bring you to a neutral state. If you would like to read it you are welcome to join the free group to read

Why the #NoPhoneChallenge?

In a world of ‘PING=Dopamine’ and feeling lost without our phones, I’d like you to take to the pasture with your phone down.

No photos, no video, just a state of BEING IN THE MOMENT for at least 30 SECONDS:

  • To smell the air
  • To see the colours
  • To feel our horses soft hair as we stroke them or touch the bark of a tree.
  • To notice our rhythmic breath

But what do you do when you reach that state?

Whatever you want of course, but here is what I like to do….Without rope or round pen I just BE. I just be with my horse and notice them. I am present for them and the environment. I watch out for them and I do not ask anything to start. Thoughts drift in and out and I notice them a moment and give them permission to leave as I come back to the NOW.

Being present can be much more difficult than you realise and needs practice, practice with and without your horse. After all, how can we expect them to be present in our training, if we can’t be present for them?

When you have taken part post a status – not a photo just saying #NoPhoneChallenge

If you would like to share your experience you are welcome, but no photo.

Phone’s down while you take part in the challenge.


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