I’m delighted to announce Equine Partnership is officially approved as a Non Ridden Equine Friendly business. I’ve always been a non ridden friendly trainer, but it’s great to know the work we’re putting in is confirming that to both our clients and our peers. 

We have taken on the task to admin a new group for the Non Ridden Equine Association – You are very welcome to join the community (it’s FREE)



Positively Non Ridden

Equine Partnership embraces and promotes non ridden horsemanship. We don’t believe every horse wants or needs to be ridden and we are happy to work with clients who don’t ride as much as we are with the ones who do.

Riding is just a small part of horse owning and training, it’s often seen as the main outcome of training – to compete ridden. But we are seeing a popular increase in non ridden competition such as Agility for example. You don’t even need to compete to work with us, if you would like to have fun with your equines and learn new communication skills then that’s what we are all about.

Do we have any non ridden equines?

You bet ya! Our herd includes 3 non-ridden members (picture above). We have no plans to start riding them either. Instead they each have a training plan of liberty, agility and obstacle work plus lots of play. Our mule Beth is currently undergoing training to compete in agility.

Training & events

We include non ridden equines in all our events, in fact some of our events are completed on the ground only due to level of training. We don’t just accommodate non-ridden, we include from the get-go to make sure all horse owners feel welcome and have a plan. At EP, all horses are equal when it comes to training; ridden or non-ridden.

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Can I become a join as a member?

Sure! Membership is FREE.

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