The final leg of the Horsemasters Training League at Lee Valley Equestrian was the inevitable TREC PTV.

Teddy and I have only competed at a couple previously, only one being bitless and some weeks ago. There were many new obstacles we haven’t faced before so this was a great opportunity to test our training. The organisers had done a super job of the obstacles, it was great fun having a go and Teddy ate a log… what I meant to say was Teddy learnt a lot, but he actually did in fact eat one of the obstacles.

The Hedge

Some of the photos from our round.

Particularly proud of our one handed barrels, which was nicely spaced in walk and not too shabby in trot either. We had a great overall score, coming second to an experienced TRECer and we now know what we need to practice for future events.

Teddy wearing his rossette

 What is TREC PTV?

TREC is a sport intended to test the skills of a horse and rider in planning and executing a long distance ride in unfamiliar countryside.  TREC stands for Technique de Randonnee Equestre de Competition and originated in France. TREC is a three phase equestrian discipline, that is suitable for all types of horses and riders. TREC is fun, challenging and above all, a great way to spend time with your horse. It combines three phases; POR (Orienteering), MA (Control of Paces) and PTV (Obstacle & Skills Test).

PTV Parcours en Terrain Varie (Obstacle course) is the cross country element of TREC. The course is generally between 1k and 5km long and consists of 16 obstacles which test the skill and partnership of horse and rider. Obstacles may be mounted or led and include a range of the skills needed to negotiate riding in open terrain such as crossing water, drops, logs etc. 

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