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With the marks back from the first WCT Summer League I was able to analyse our performance and find areas to improve. Apart from the anomoly of trotting a few steps off the footbridge Teddy and I failed the reinback TWICE! Spending so much time on our S Bend we had clearly fallen behind and so set to work.

I’ve written a blog post here about our work on Reinback > Watch/Read here 

As with the last time, we reached our second goal that Teddy was relaxed coming out of the competition. We were due to give a second round ‘Out of Competition’ but with the heat I didn’t think that would be fair and a new development that he would have a second rider on the day.

Despite going back to a few old habits on the S Bend (we had 1 disaster and 2 clears) and a lack of momentum in the slalom canter first time we managed a great score and a yellow rossette to add to Teddy’s growing collection. Aiming to grab a red by the end of the season but it’s more important right now we focus on training and getting those small things right.

A New Rider

A good friend and student of mine Karen would ride Teddy in the Level 1 round as part of her plan to get back competing with her fine ID Fionn.

Karen hasn’t done much bitless riding before, just a couple of sessions but I opted for the Dr Cooke bridle to feel more like an English technique so it didn’t throw her for six with learning a whole new way of the bosal hackamore. The pair did absolutely great and won 4th place!

Well done Karen and Teddy 🙂

A New Perspective

Having the opportunity to watch Teddy going around the course and seeing whether he could continue his confidence of the obstacles without me. I was really pleased with him, especially iver the footbridge as he gets more nervous with strange patterns on the floor (such as grids/lines/words on the road). They had a couple of minor faults (reinback again!), but to say they were totally new to each other on the day bar 20mins 6months ago I think they will soon be flying it.

Coming Soon

Teddy and I are looking forward to the Midsummer Championships in Cork and the National Championships in Co.Laois in July.

More Updates to Follow…. 

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