I’d like to start by saying I’m not a brand ambassador for Nibbleze, just an ordinary run of the mill customer. However, I’m so impressed with these nets I would love to review and recommend them to all my clients and followers.

The Nibbleze nets have completely transformed how my horses are receiving their hay. Usually when Autumn creeps in, out comes the hay box and a few strategically placed nets around the field track – and I thought this was great, it got us by the previous years. But that was before when I didn’t know there was anything better.

So, initially I ordered online but the website didn’t allow for P&P to Ireland, so I messaged their Facebook page and they sorted an invoice there and then. I ordered 3 nets, a small/medium and large variety as I have mini Shetlands and a wide in the barrel 14.2.

Only a couple of days later the Nibbleze nets arrived and I was surprised with the speed of delivery. On inspection I was impressed with the quality and value for money, each net included a repair patch kit just in case, which I think is very handy and clear photo instructions – plus there are lots of handy videos on the Facebook page.

Putting Nibbleze to the test

I put the nets out in the field and straight away I saw some changes.

  1. Teddy would share the net with Sandy – something with a static net he doesn’t ordinarily like to do. This was reassuring to me that they could be more sociable.
  2. The nets get moved around, I see they like to push them with their noses and it’s almost like a game between them. Movement is so important, so I like to see this.
  3. Their eating has slowed, whereas before I would get through a whole 25kg bag in a day, I’m seeing this reduced significantly and they are even taking breaks from eating. They continue to forage and pick a little at the grass too.
  4. No ratty behaviours, they don’t react like they are hungry and they aren’t also chasing around like they would if they had finished early and became bored. It’s a great in between place.

What I like about Nibbleze

  • Can be used in a variety of situations from floor to wall
  • Happy to know my horse’s teeth are less at risk due to the nets being knotless.
  • Excellent quality of nets and rope
  • Easy to tie
  • Comes with repair kit
  • Choice of colours and sizes
  • Helpful videos and instructions
  • Friendly customer care

I’m really looking forward to Winter with the nets. As the field gets boggier I expect I will need to tie a couple, however they are so versatile that this is also not a problem. They can also be used in the stable too which will be nice to promote movement inside.

Please check out their page @Nibbleze or Website if you would like to know more.

Important Note: Nibbleze are very clear that the use I wanted (to be used on the floor) was only for barefoot horses and ponies, which mine are.


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