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Orbitless Leather

Orbitless Leather


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The original Orbitless hand stitched in English leather with polished silver rings. The noseband is lined in white sheepskin for comfort.

Available in Black or Dark Brown leather in Pony, Cob, Horse or Warmblood sizes.

Orbitless – The Versatile and Variable Bitless Bridle Attachment

  • Simply convert your regular bridle to bitless by attacing the Orbitless to your existing cheekpieces
  • Unique shape allows 8 different configurations
  • Precision fit between components provides clear aids
  • Utilizes pressure and release techniques
  • Instant release of contact
  • Lightweight to aid precise communication
  • Contact emphasis can be varied for individual horses
  • Wool-lined noseband for added comfort
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Large Horse, Pony, Standard Horse, Warmblood

Leather Colour

Black, Brown