Relaxed Horsemanship

Discovering the experience of partnership in all manners & methods of training.


Relaxed Horsemanship

Relaxed Horsemanship is a fresh thinking approach to working with your horse. Combining aspects of traditional horsemanship with science-based training in a theraputic environment. We relate to both the horse and rider/trainer experience and challenge our own thinking to explore methods that work for the partnership.

Relaxed Horsemanship is about relaxation of mind, body and training and is crutial for thinking and memory processing. We will look at ways to promote positive relaxation for both horse and trainer. Working with your horse in this state or relaxation provides an optimal learning environment and promotes positive behaviour and experience.

I’m interested in WHY? Once we understand the why, we can gently shift our perceptions and grow the partnership

Phillippa Christie, Equine Partnership


Easy To Follow Theory

The programme or short clinics are delivered in stages, working through our own booklets along with practical work and finished with a shaping plan that everyone can work through, email support included.

Core Understanding
Herd Behaviour & Management
Equine Psychology & Biology
Horse Listening & Whispering
Application of Training Methods

– Practical Exercises –

For All Methods

Relaxed Horsemanship aims to develop your sense of feel, timing and understanding with the latest science-based knowledge. The fundamentals of this program can be applied to all methods of training and types of trainers.

Clinics may feature demonstrations to show how Relaxed Horsemanship applies to everyday scenarios such as ‘difficult to catch’ ‘loading problems’ and ‘danger or problem horses’.

Designed for Everyone

This programme could change your entire way of working with horses forever. Like a magic eye photo, once you learn to alter your perception, you can never unsee the hidden message.

If you’ve ever watched a horsemanship trainer and wondered ‘How do they do this?’ then this programme is for you.
If you are a professional or student, interested in blending textbook with practical or finding new approaches when working with ‘difficult’ client horses, then this course is for you.
Would you like to explore a deeper connection with horses? This programme is perfect to do this.


Delivered individually and at clinics around Ireland, this programme is designed to give you the space to learn, think and experience. A combination that’s already winning over equestrians around the country.  Whether you participate or spectate in Relaxed Horsemanship, you have the opportunity to take the methods away and see the results for yourself.

Relaxed Horsemanship can be delivered as 2 & 4-day clinics, suitable for non-ridden equines, beginners, professionals and students. The programme can also be ongoing with regular 1-2-1 and group sessions.


Clinics are currently being organised for 2019


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