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EDIX pommels are made from fibreglass for strength and lightness and available in a range of widths and angles to suit different wither shapes. The pommels can feature with or without a horn (western style) and horn leather is matched to the saddle ordered.

Colours and Sizes 

  • X-Small= Red
  • Small = Blue
  • Medium = Grey
  • Large = Green
  • X-Large = Orange

EDIX also feature a soft pommel, which is suitable for high withered horses or horses who do not fit any of the hard pommels.

As a fitter, we can work with you to determine the correct pommel for your horse, we normally suggest ordering a few pommels in a Fit Kit with your saddle. We provide you with documents and videos, you can send us photos and/or videos for us to confirm sizing with you online.


EDIX pads feature various pockets for inserts on either side of the spine to be use to ensure correct fitting to the shape of the horse and to balance our any a-symmetry in the horse.

You can select which set of inserts you would like your pad to be fitted with and purchase additional inserts as and when needed.

When you purchase a saddle with EDIX, you will receive a free fitting consultation. Even with distance consultations we can help you by examining photos and ridden footage and take in to feedback from you, the rider.

Pads and inserts can be used with both treeless and treed saddles.

Here is some more information about the inserts available with EDIX.



Felt pads are breathable, heat regulating and moisture absorbing. They have a light pressure distributing capacity and are supplied per set. Depth: 10 mm


The universal EDIX® Poly-Press inserts are made of composite foam, have a light pressure distributing capacity and are supplied per set. Depth: 15mm


Neoprene pads offer sustainable quality, good adaptability to the horse’s back and compressed to a very limited extent under pressure Depth: 15 mm


The EDIX® 3 Mesh inserts have a high degree of shock-absorbing and adapt to the anatomy, but have the ability to return to the original state. A very high-quality, durable pressure-distributing material with an open cell structure. The honey grade structure guarantees optimum ventilation even when loaded, in all directions. You can test the resilience by taking the material between two flat hands and then applying pressure with equal flat hands. The material will not last or you cannot press it flat. This load is comparable to the load that we issue with our seat on the saddle or riding bareback and indirectly via the 3 mesh on the horse’s back. Depth: 22mm


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