EP’s Review of the TEQUIRO Treeless Western Saddle

There are so many brands out there, I’ve tried a lot! My first (and still here) saddle was the Tequiro. Here is what I think of it from my use of it over the past year.

The Tequiro is a beautifully soft leather saddle with the perfect amount of detail and texture to be eye catching. The shaping of the saddle is perfect for short backed horses and ponies. The added shaping of the pad gives a lovely finish.

I find this saddle very comfortable, I have participated in 25km trails in this saddle with pure comfort and no soreness of my horse’s back. Being a heavier rider, I feel more confident in this saddle as it does have a slightly more substantial structure to the other saddles, designed with riders such as myself in mind.

The option to change from a Western to English pommel is a bonus as I can still jump in this saddle, perfect for combination training.

Excellent value for money, superb quality that is eye catching and comfortable. I get a lot of people asking about the saddle when I’m riding, which is nice to be noticed. While the saddle isn’t overly tooled, the simplicity and the quality shine through in day to day riding.

Everything in this saddle has a purpose and has been well designed and manufactured.

After every ridden session, I have checked my horse’s back for soreness and I’ve been very pleased with the results. Before riding in this saddle, Teddy had developed some stiffness on his left shoulder so I am pleased that between massages and riding in the Tequiro this is no longer an issue.

I would recommend this saddle to anyone who is a slightly larger rider, or looking for a treeless saddle with more stability.


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