Equine Partnership works with several brands to offer the best solution and fit for the individual equine partnership. We include free advice and fitting with all of our saddle purchases for peace of mind and support, we also offer a demo and trial service with most of the saddles.


EDIX Saddles 

EDIX® saddles offer a wide range of both fully treeless GP, dressage and western saddles, alongside the soft tree GP and dressage saddles.

Every fully treeless EDIX® saddle features the Multiple Pressure Distribution System (MPDS) pressure-distributing soft flexible layers offering optimal protection for the load exerted by riding on the horse’s back (Note the Tequiro western saddle features a slightly different structure to cater for larger riders). At the same time, these soft flexible layers offer the possibility to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the horse and the build of the rider.  Because the horse is not impeded in its movements, It has the ability to develop optimally and we often see an increase in muscle mass.

The pommel is interchangeable and therefore adaptable for a high or low withers. The pommel is made from fiberglass and the cantle from the soft material high density foam. Both connect the left and right half of the saddle and together offer stability to the saddle and seating comfort for the rider.

An EDIX® treeless saddle follows the movements of the horse completely. Partly because of this, the rider learns to perfectly follow the movements of his horse and develops an independent sitting in this way. The result is that partnership start moving as a whole and it is from there that an ultimate communication is built.

Total Contact Saddle

The TCS saddle designed by Total Equine Solutions has a stand out design as if has neither a pommel or cantle. While to the traditional rider, they may fear that this saddle would put too much pressure on the horse, studies have shown that with balanced riding, the saddle not only doesn’t exert uneven pressure, but is able to distribute the rider weight around the side panels and also through the use of a correct pad so offer spinal clearance.

The benefits of this saddle are mainly that it will fit any shape and requires no fitting, secondly it can be used on a short backed horse and lastly there are many documented cases of riders who experience back pain, riding pain free with the TCS. Another benefit of this saddle is that the rider must have a balanced seat and so improves this element of the riding, with added security of the stirrups. The seat actually feels very secure, despite the many differences of the TCS. This saddle is available for trial, we do recommend it is used with the EDIX pad and 3mesh inserts for clearance, airflow and comfort for horse and rider.

Treeless Saddle Fitting April 11, 2019