Positive Trailering

By empowering the horse to have the confidence to load and unload themselves, we change the dynamic and solve the problems.

No more getting to the end of a lesson or show and dreading the box.

No ropes,  let’s reduce the fear, increase the calm and support the horse to make better decisions.



How Many Sessions?

How long is a piece of string? This depends entirely on both your horse’s previous experience and your horsemanship knowledge, ability & attitude.

When  we book a session to work 1-2-1 I only book you in that day, you have my full attention and we move between theory and practical, we break and finish when it’s right for the horse, not when it’s ‘time’s up’.

Equally I try and manage expectations and offer guidance and after support. Not all horses are ready to load on the first session, your horse may need relaxation work, positive groundwork, or counter-conditioning methods, which take longer. It would be unfair to expect every horse to finish 1 session and be a perfect loader, but I will give you the tools and a plan to keep up the good work.

Ultimately those who follow the plan and do the work get the biggest payoffs.

Will I travel to you?

Sure! The main barrier most people have is that they can’t get their horse someone to get the issue dealt with. I travel across Ireland (travel expenses required) and would travel abroad for a clinic.

Can I work with more than 1 horse?

No problem, I recommend a 2 day clinic for groups so we can focus on supporting everyone to develop their skills at a relaxed pace, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. A maximum of 4 horses per 2 day clinic.


Please see pricing in my FAQ

Do I take horses in for trailer training?

Sometimes horses come to me for training, however you will still need to have at least 1-2 sessions at my yard as the horse will respond to my cues and confidence – which are skills we need to transfer to you. It would not be a long term supportive solution without your input, I want to give you the knowledge to help yourself.