Date: Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Time: 8pm Irish Standard Time / 3pm EDT 

Do you ever find yourself frustrated because your horse doesn’t seem to be motivated?

Have you ever felt the frustration of disconnection with your horses in training? When you think about it, how do you communicate training with a different species that doesn’t talk your language? It’s easy to get stuck and feel like your horse isn’t working with you.

WHY ISN’T MY HORSE MOTIVATED!!!??? Whether you’re working with pressure/release or reward based training, timing is important. But even if we are doing that perfectly over time the results don’t last or you can’t take your training to the next level and you may find yourself wondering where it went wrong.

I promise you the answer is not that complicated and once you understand the training principals of motivation you can apply them yourself and develop your horsemanship skills whether that’s natural horsemanship or reward based training. The principles of motivation apply to both and will be explored in this webinar.

In this FREE webinar I will be explaining and discussing….

  • What motivates the horse?
  • Why do we lose momentum in training?
  • Training principles
  • How to avoid getting stuck
  • Practical tips for different training styles
  • Following up

If you can’t join on the day, please register so I can send you a link to the pre-record to watch later.

Please share and you are welcome invite your equestrian friends.

Phillippa Christie MCMA IAHT

Equine Psychologist, Registered Equine Therapist & Coach

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