Date: Monday 22nd June 2020

Time: 6pm Irish Standard Time / 2pm EDT 

An introduction to bitless horse riding for instructors & coaches

I have been researching, reviewing and involved in bitless bridle fitting & development for several years. I became more involved in bitless when I discovered the therapeutic benefits for my own horses. In my experience, I found that coaches struggled with gauging how to teach me and my horse as a bitless rider, so I have taken her research and applied it to the training and coaching context in this introductory webinar which will focus on bitless bridle types, communicating and contact in a coaching situation. I ride both Western and English, this webinar will be suitable for coaches from both disciplines.

Have you ever had a student or competitor turn up in a bitless bridle you knew nothing about? Perhaps you would like to know more about types of bitless bridles to be prepared for anything? This introductory webinar will cover the basics that all coaches, instructors and judges from all disciplines will find useful when translating their skills to bitless equestrians.

This webinar will last approximately 50mins with a 10-15min Q&A session at the end, participants will be invited to a further accredited course with Equine Partnership.

Aimed at coaches & instructors…

  • Main types of bitless bridles
  • How to spot a poorly fitted bridle
  • Bitless & biomechanics
  • Contact or no contact?
  • Q&A / Discussion

This webinar is running at a cost of €15, which can be removed from the cost of further training on our online courses or workshops.

Please share and you are welcome invite your equestrian friends.

Phillippa Christie MCMA IAHT

Equine Psychologist, Registered Equine Therapist & Coach

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