Date: Thursday 2nd July 2020

Time: 7pm Irish Standard Time / 2pm EDT 

Would you like to know more about transitioning to bitless riding?

As a specialist in bitless bridles, I have been working with many clients for several years, researching and training with different bridles and rider/horse combinations to find out what it takes to transition to bitless, the science behind bitless bridles and bridle fit and what can we expect from the results.

Joined by SPECIAL GUEST Niamh O’Carroll. Niamh is a professional coach, 2* event rider and features in the Equine Partnership Bitless Masterclass DVD.

Who is this webinar for?

If you are a rider thinking about going bitless but wanting to learn more, this webinar will share with you my tips to start bitless the right way for your horse.

Bitless riders and competitors who are already bitless, how do you know if you are using the right bridle(s)? Could you benefit from switching your bitless bridle, perhaps you could also share your experience with others.

In this FREE live webinar we will be exploring and discussing….

  • How bitless can enhance comfort and performance
  • Psychology of transitioning to bitless
  • Preparing your horse for bitless
  • How assessment supports bridle selection
  • Bitless journeys with Niamh O’Carroll
  • Q&A

A recording will be available following for webinar for a small cost of €5 per person. Please join live for the FREE webinar and benefit from the interaction & discussion.

Please share and you are welcome invite your equestrian friends.

Phillippa Christie MCMA IAHT

Equine Psychologist, Registered Equine Therapist & Coach

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