Free Consultations

Training Consultations

Before we work together, I suggest a free consultation to get to know you a little and make sure I can offer the support and services you need. Consultations help me to find out what your expectations are, how I can help and what equipment I will need for our appointment.

Saddle Fit Consultations

Would you like some help finding a Treeless Saddle or arranging a trial? Finding a new saddle should be an enjoyable experience and my knowledge of the range of saddles and understanding of saddle fitting can help you find the best saddle solution.

Hoof Boot Consultations

Send your photos for a FREE hoof boot sizing assessment. Find out more on our hoof boot page.

Bitless Bridle Consultations

Struggling to find the right bitless bridle for your horse? My comprehensive bridle fitting service takes the hassle out of selecting a bitless bridle. I offer FREE consultations to see if the comprehensive service will be right for you and your horse.


Contact Phillippa Christie

+353 (0)85 877 2543 or +353 (0) 66 979 0528
[email protected]

You can contact me via the form or text/whatsapp or e-mail. I may be teaching, so please don’t be offended if I don’t pick up the phone. I suggest to send a physical message, voice messages are unreliable and I don’t want to miss our communication.

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Consultation June 5, 2018